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It’s always a tough situation when your AC system quits working reliably. Your system might experience problems such as lack of airflow, loud noises, or a system breakdown at the worst possible time. If you have any issues whatsoever with your AC equipment at your home or business in Tewksbury, MA, Prestige Heating & Cooling provides quality AC repairs that are made to last.

AC Repair in Tewksbury

Whether you have a residential or commercial cooling system, our experts can work on all makes and models. We are fully equipped with professional tools, advanced diagnostic equipment, and have the expertise to resolve any issues that may be happening with your cooling equipment. Some of the most common issues we address include short cycling, bad smells, insufficient operation, and noisy system operation. Insufficient cooling can be a problem with a faulty compressor, clogged air filter, or refrigerant leak. Short cycling typically indicates an electrical problem or a faulty thermostat. Bad smells can mean you have bacteria or mold in your system or possibly a clogged up air filter. When you hear loud noises, this usually means you have a more serious problem such as worn belts, failing fan motors, or loose components.

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Whatever issue you are facing with your air conditioning system, we guarantee we can solve the problem. As our slogan says, “If water and air moves through it, we can take care of it!” If you have a serious issue with your cooling system at a bad time, you don’t have to worry as we offer 24 hour emergency AC repair support! Feel free to reach out anytime by calling us at 978-600-8764 when you’re facing trouble with your AC system and we’ll be there for you!